About Us

About us


Sjogren’s Tracker was an idea borne out of necessity and personal experience. Our founder suffered from an autoimmune disorder and lived with the difficulties of managing her own condition. In time, she connected with a community of chronic suffers on social media, where she drew her inspirations and motivation. From the hassles of keeping track of daily symptoms, the brain fog that makes us forget our medical information, and even doctors who don’t always believe in the severity of our symptoms, we all live through the same struggles. Gathering from personal experiences and shared stories, Sjogren’s Tracker aims to address the needs of chronic sufferers and create simplified solutions to better their lives.


Our mission is to create innovative solutions to improve the lives of users and facilitate communications with physicians. We believe that businesses need not be solely profit-driven, but can also aim to create social benefit. In line with that, we want to make our app available for free, and premium features as affordable as possible. Help support our mission by trying out our premium features.

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