Standard Features

Standard features are available completely free.  We understand the struggles of a chronic condition and want to make our services accessible to all who can benefit from it.


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Customize Symptoms

Tailor the App to your specific conditions. Customize symptoms, medications, aggravators, and comorbidities.  Tailor the the app to how you want it to look.


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Add Data- Rating

Track daily or when you feel a flare. 
Go to the Calendar to look at or edit your entries for any particular day. 


Visualize your condition and look at the bigger picture. 

•    Spikes in symptom rating are visual representations of a flare.
•    Daily medications are graphed as horizontal lines along the bottom, keeping track of the date range for which you take a particular medication.
•    Flare medications are graphed alongside your symptom rating in a lighter color scheme, helping you keep track of how much you are taking and the tapering of certain medications.
•    Comorbidities are also graphed at the bottom as horizontal lines so you can compare the timelines of your flares versus comorbidities.

Statistics will generate over time.

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Export all your data onto an excel sheet for your personal records or to email to your doctor. 

Set reminders to take medications, drink water, exercise, or meditate.

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